In automotive design homogenization of today, Nissan designer products can always unique features, in order to attract the attention of consumers, such as Juke, Leaf, QASHQAI and other models, although it can not be said for all ages, but solidly He won a lot of brand supporters. Especially Juke models, like people would really like it, hate it that people who go with them, and good sales in Europe but who can not be denied. Currently, Nissan officials announced plans to offer a Juke Midnight in the US market (midnight) Special Edition models audi s3 1.8 turbocharger. Appearance provides a unique appearance upgrade package compared to the normal version of the model, Nissan Juke Midnight Special version of the vehicle, which includes a black exterior mirror housings, black window rain shield, black roof spoiler, as well as black car rear wing. The new design of the black 17-inch wheels, so Nissan Juke is cool black and full of a sense of movement immediately upgrade. Finally, it reported that Nissan Juke Midnight Special Edition audi 1.8 turbocharger is priced compared to the normal version of the Juke adds $ 1,200 (about 7634 yuan), but Nissan said it than consumers purchasing these parts to independent savings of $ 500 (about 3181 yuan) . In addition, Juke ultimate version Juke-R has confirmed that production, powered by a 3.8L twin-turbo engine Renault clio turbocharger from the GT-R, the maximum power of 353kW, maximum torque of 588Nm, can promote this cross-border car in 3.7 seconds accelerate to 100km / h, which is entirely a supercar thing.